Food = Love

A Note From Our Founder

Welcome Flavor Junkies!

My commitment to you is to prove that eating healthier can be a truly enjoyable experience. In fact, I’m certain that the food will speak for itself, and the nutritional information will leave you in disbelief.

My journey to passion began at the ripe age of 19, when my first “big girl” job was in a four-star Tribeca, NY restaurant. The experience of exceptional flavors, beautiful plates, and romance in every bite, sucked me in, as I would never return the same again. Forever a “Foodie”, I am cursed to only want to eat delicious food every time. Unfortunately most delicious food comes with a compromise to the waistline, and for years I battled the love of food vs the love of being fit. I maintained for years with “exercise bulimia”, where I would eat whatever I wanted, and then attempt to “erase it” in the gym. Nothing changed, but with all the effort, I never looked like I worked as hard as I did. A hamster wheel at it’s finest.

The creation of Fit with Flavor is where my battle ended. By developing a way of cooking that infuses an abundance of flavor without the fat, sugar, and calories, I FINALLY got the “delicious” along with the “results” I was searching for. Food this good, is just too good not to share. So say “goodbye” to the joyless diet, your palate is in for a ride of flavor as we change lives one delicious bite at a time.

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