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Fit with Flavor is for the “FIT CONSCIOUS Foodie”. With “Gourmet Clean Eats”, Fit with Flavor takes the boring and uninspiring out of eating clean. FWF was created by an NPC Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor and CPT, who just couldn’t eat the typical bland prep food. Our motto: “Fit Tested, Foodie Approved!”, and with one bite you’ll see why most forget that they are eating clean. Meals are made to order, with fresh ingredients that enhance flavor without adding fat and calories. The meals are designed to boost metabolism, lean out, feel great, and finally get to enjoy eating healthy food.
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Why Us?

We all know that diet contributes to 80% of ANY health goal, whether it is losing weight, lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, or sugar, or just wanting to be healthier. With delicious unhealthy food around every corner, we are often battled by “Healthy” vs “Tasty”. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just follow us around all day, and slap food out of our hands, before we sabotage ourselves? Unfortunately we can’t do that, and obviously not everyone is cut out for the “EAT TO LIVE” motto. Fit with Flavor to the rescue!! Our meals are so delicious; you will forget that you are eating clean. With meals that taste like a “cheat”, FWF sets you up for success as you look forward to each and every meal. Suddenly, “Yay!! Eating healthy is actually working!”

How It Works

Select your preferred dishes for the week. You may mix and match items from all menus. Add to your cart, checkout, ENJOY! Most combos are less than 400 calories, and contain an ideal balance of macros for any diet plan. Be sure to select the appropriate coupon code for the number of meals you select. Discounts progress higher for larger orders. Need bigger portions or Bulking? “Double protein” and “Double protein/Double carb” options are available for $4.00-$5.00 additional. Description of dishes, along with a complete breakdown of macros are available when you click on any item. Orders placed by 11:59pm on Thursdays will be available for pick up/delivery on Sunday & Monday. Orders placed by 11:59pm on Monday will be available for pick up or delivery on Thursday.


If you are interested in becoming a “Brand Affiliate”, FWF will provide training so that you may advise your clients on an custom Meal Plan based on their individual needs. Choosing FWF, your clients will stay on track, and have exceptional progress, hitting milestone after milestone. You then have success stories! Watching your clients reach for their goals, boosting their confidence, changing their life is inspiring to say the least. With client progress comes passion, with passion comes purpose, and with purpose you have love for what you do. SUCCESS, SUCCESS, YOU ARE A HERO!

  • These meals are absolutely incredible. For me, sticking to a healthy diet could be difficult. Often times I would get bored with the bland food choices or not have enough time to food prep my own healthy meals for the week. Fit with Flavor to the rescue!! With so many delicious and healthy options I never get bored with what I am eating. Fit with Flavor makes sticking with a healthy diet easy and affordable.-Cara L.
  • These meals are AMAZING! Not only do the meals increase results they taste amazing as well! Definitely not your ordinary “diet”. These meals are delicious and made with quality ingredients. The recipes are unique and leave you wanting to try the next!-Jennifer V.
  • LOVE me some Fit With Flavor. First of all, the meals are prepped and cooked by someone who has a strong understanding of fitness and nutrition, so you know you’re getting well-rounded meals. Second, each meal is made excellently. Healthy does not have to mean bland, and Leah definitely proves that with her food at fit with flavor. -Francesca D.
  • Have to say I suffer from Type-2 Diabetes and after a month or so of eating their food, my numbers have dropped drastically, that’s a good thing for those of you who don’t know. Thank you Fit With Flavor for keeping me healthy and happy! Their Chicken Lettuce Wraps are the best thing I’ve ever eaten! I mean to die for.-Fernando B.

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